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Food Services

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Delight your customers with diverse, authentic and nutritious meals made with our low-cost and globally-inspired marinades and sauces.

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In the hospitality industry, restaurants and clubs constantly grapple with the challenges of creating innovative menus, delivering authentic and high-quality meals, managing labor costs, maintaining profitability in a competitive environment, and addressing cost pressures.

To help address these challenges, we’ve developed distinct and authentic marinades and sauces for menu creation while enabling businesses to provide exceptional and genuine product offerings at an attractive cost per serving.

Our products make cooking convenient. We empower restaurants, clubs and hospitality services to serve restaurant-quality, authentic dishes without the need for highly experienced staff. This approach also allows for consistent product offerings, even as new chefs join the team.

Butchers & Small Goods

Local butchers face significant challenges as major supermarkets offer pre-packaged meat products, drawing customers away from smaller retailers. To support our local butchers in competing with large supermarket chains, we provide innovative solutions that enable small goods retailers to offer unique marinated products.

Our sauces and marinades also assist butchers in delivering a comprehensive experience to their customers. For example, our Butter Chicken marinade can effortlessly transform a kilo of chicken into a scrumptious, restaurant-style Butter Chicken meal capable of feeding a family of five. By offering such solutions, House of Legumes helps local butchers stand out, attract customers, and provide exceptional value.


Our products are designed with a focus on nutrition, ensuring that each meal contributes positively to an individual’s overall health. By incorporating our sauces and marinades into healthcare menus, providers can offer tasty and balanced meal options that meet dietary guidelines, supporting patients’ recovery and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Cost-effectiveness is another significant advantage of using House of Legumes products. As budgets are often tight in the healthcare sector, our low ‘cost per serve’ allows facilities to maintain high-quality food offerings without compromising their financial constraints. This enables providers to allocate resources more efficiently and focus on delivering the best possible care to their patients.

Allergen control is a crucial aspect of food preparation in the healthcare industry. Our House of Legumes products are developed with this in mind, ensuring that our marinades and sauces cater to individuals with various dietary restrictions and allergen concerns. This attention to detail allows healthcare facilities to confidently serve our products to a wide range of patients, minimising the risk of adverse reactions and ensuring a safe dining experience.

School Canteens

School canteens, often managed by small operators, face the challenge of maintaining profitability while adhering to government guidelines that require stocking and selling food classified as GREEN and AMBER by the Health Department. Additionally, they frequently experience a shortage of skilled volunteers to prepare and pack lunches.

House of Legumes helps canteen operators overcome these obstacles by offering products that are school-appropriate and certified as an ESSENTIAL ingredient category by the Healthy Kids Association. Our offerings not only boost profitability for canteen operators, but also enable them to provide quality meals without the need for skilled staff, making these meals affordable for school children.

Our products serve as a healthier alternative to many imported options. By incorporating House of Legumes offerings into their menus, school canteens can ensure that students receive wholesome and nutritious meals that support their growth and well-being.